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Concealed Carry And Firearms Training

Holding a carry gun is a big deal, no matter the scenario and no matter the situation. It requires training and experience to be able to handle the use of a gun and even more to be able to combine discretion alongside this. If you are looking for concealed carry training that will help you to feel comfortable and safe each day, you are in the right place.

Our training services at myPro-Tect Security & Surveillance will offer you the insight, experience and practice that you need to reach this confidence outlook. Working and training alongside a professional concealed carry trainer, you will be in no doubt that the skills you are learning will develop your firearms expertise for use in a range of different scenarios.

How to get involved with our concealed carry training?

The three-day section covering firearms at myPro-Tect Security & Surveillance comes under the umbrella course that we provide in Thailand. The Pro-Tect CP course will put you through your paces to ensure that you have the ability to respond in the quickest and most effective way to any danger. Whether you are looking to become a close protection bodyguard, or you would like to learn more through our concealed carry training, we can help you.

To discover the full extent of the Pro-Tect CP course, get in contact with us today.