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Counter Surveillance

Is somebody watching you? 

Are you being tracked or traced? 

Are you the target of electronic, conventional, or other forms of surveillance? 

Our Surveillance Specialists and Private Investigators can help you find out, 

and if necessary, watch those who are watching you. 

Trained to a very high and unrivalled standard, Our Private Investigators and Surveillance Specialists will use the latest technology and equipment to avoid and detect your privacy from being compromised.  

If your car, room, house, office, factory, or buildings have been bugged, 

we will sweep the compromised area and find them.

If cameras have been placed to monitor activity, our Private Investigators and Surveillance Specialists will find them.

If you want your property, vehicle, or space to be swept and de-bugged, or even if you just want to talk to one of our Surveillance Specialists or Private Investigators in complete confidence, then just click on the button below.

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