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Gun Safety Courses To Protect Your Assets

Owning a gun may seem like enough protection for your assets, but not being able to use it effectively in certain situations can put you on the back foot. For the best training and the best understanding of how to correctly, safely and lethally at the right moment, you will need help from people who have experience in this sector.

Choose myPro-Tect Security & Surveillance for a gun safety course and its adjoining close protection course to fully understand how to protect yourself, your assets and other people in the process. Formed from ex-SAS trained personnel and led by professionals every step of the way, our gun safety courses will come under the three-day firearms section of the Pro-Tect Close Protection Course.

What is included during the three days of firearms training?

Gun safety courses are common throughout the world for individuals using them regularly or organisations wishing to add firearms to their armoury. What individuals understand during the course is how to correctly and safety load, unload and use the gun. However, this will need to be controlled by when to use the gun, how to clean and maintain it and how to conceal it effectively for the abundance of situations you may find yourself in.

All of this can be understood through our gun safety section in the Pro-Tect Close Protection Course. To book yourself on the intensive course, get in contact today