Invest In Professional Close Protection Training Courses

Close protection or bodyguarding is a vital role used across the world in a range of diverse settings. The skills that make a professional, alert and expert bodyguard must be honed through intensive training. This builds mental, physical and technical attributes that are required in the various situations you will be exposed to in your work.

Choose mypro-Tect Security & Surveillance and our close protection training courses to make sure that you have the best training sourced from individuals that have seen and experienced a vast array of situations. Our close protection training course, named Pro-Tect CP Course, is endorsed by ex-SAS Instructor Phil Campion and is run solely by ex-Special Forces.

What is involved in our close protection training courses?

Included in the price of our training courses will be four distinct sections of study to guide you through the scenarios you could face in your role. Our course will allow you to understand how to react and what will ensure the best possible outcome for the wide spectrum of challenges your job poses. From close protection basics that will be completed over two weeks and fast aid which consists of four days through to driving and firearms training, our close protection training course is ideal for anyone entering this profession with motivation and determination.

Exercise and training will be provided in the evenings to complete the course and ensure that you can match up to the wide variety of demands this important job places upon you.

If you are ready to take on this challenging but rewarding course in Thailand, get in contact today.