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Three Features Of Our Bodyguard Protection

Able to respond in an instant to specific requirements of any situation, having the right bodyguard is vitally important for your safety and security. The diverse applications of bodyguarding and close protection across the world make it difficult to find a team who can provide the support that is needed in each varying situation.

For professional bodyguard protection from highly-trained individuals in any corner of the globe, choose myPro-Tect Surveillance & Security. The bodyguard protection encompasses a number of important features, such as:

  • Escort security: Every journey that you make is an opportunity for someone to take advantage of your situation. Our bodyguard protection will work to plan a secure route for the escort to ensure you arrive safely.
  • VIP/chase cars for hire: Also available from our services are VIP and chase cars that can be deployed swiftly for a vast array of applications. Our driving expertise and knowledge in this area makes us the ideal choice.
  • Counter surveillance: Bodyguard protection like ours works to figure out the problems before they manifest themselves. We will perform professional counter surveillance to assess the situation proactively.

Alongside these three vital features to our bodyguard protection, we can also support with hotel security, armed and unarmed help, surveillance and more. To discover more about our services and the benefits for you, speak with our experts